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Eastern Empires is a strategy board game based on historical context. In this massive game, players lead their civilizations as they try to gain victory points by expanding their populations, trading and developing cultural advancements. One of the major gameplay elements is interaction between players by both commodity trading and area control. Conflict may occur, but players will benefit most through the use of diplomacy, trading tactics and strategic alliances. The long term strategy will eventually create the most powerful civilizations.

The map board of Eastern Empires stretches from the Euphrates and Tigris Delta in the West up to the Mauryan river delta of the current day Bangladesh in the East. The Himalayan mountain rigde defines the Northern border and the Nubian desert in the current day Ethiopia borders the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Some of the playable civilizations are The Persians, the Babylonians, The Indus Valley Civilization and the Nubians.

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