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Mega Civ Upgrade kit

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The Upgrade Kit contains 3 packs of cards, each containing 77 cards.

This kit is meant for owners of Mega Civilization that prefer to have 18 copies of each individual Civilization Advance, so that each player can use his own deck of Advances.

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It was a conscious decision to not include 18 copies of each advance in Mega Civilization, because during any game it is impossible for all players to acquire all advances at the same time. However, we soon noticed that some of you would want to have 18 advances nonetheless. With this Upgrade kit to Mega Civilization each advance will have 18 copies as well additional civilization indicator cards.

The Upgrade kit contains the following 231 cards:

6x Calendar

6x Cartography

6x Diplomacy

4x Enlightenment

6x Fundamentalism*

6x Law

2x Military

6x Monument

6x Naval Warfare

4x Trade Routes

8x Universal Doctrine

10x Advanced Military

6x Library*

12x Anatomy

9x Cultural Ascendancy

8x Democracy

12x Diaspora

2x Mathematics*

2x Mining

2x Monotheism

12x Philosophy

2x Politics*

12x Provincial Empire*

2x Roadbuilding

1x 5 Victory Points-card

10x Public Works

12x Theology

10x Trade Empire

11x Wonder of the World

1x Explanation card

18x Civilization Indicator Cards

14x Blanco cards

*All cards with errata are of course updated in the upgrade kit.

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